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This is the online portfolio of artist and graphic designer, Tom Mulliner RMS*.
Born in Reading amongst a family of artists, Tom was introduced to art at a very early age. He continued to pursue a passion for art throughout his school life, winning an art scholarship to Bradfield College in Berkshire in 1986. He went on to complete a foundation course at Berkshire College of Art and Design, followed by a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design from Leicester and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Art & Design.
He has since worked as a graphic designer, a computer games artist, in TV graphics and animation and in visual effects in Soho, as well as teaching in Primary and Secondary Schools.
His work is mainly photoreal/hyperreal still life. Although he also paints portraits and the occasional landscape. He is greatly inspired by the Dutch still life artists of the 16th century and by contemporary realist and hyperreal artists.


*RMS - Royal Miniature Society

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