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The online portfolio of artist and graphic designer, Tom Mulliner RMS (Royal Miniature Society)

      My paintings are about staging an alternate reality, the illusion of verisimilitude on the painted surface, filtered so that it expresses my unique vision. Though my paintings may appear photoreal my goal is not to reproduce or document faithfully what I see, but to create the illusion of depth, a sense of presence and a reality not found in photographs. I try to use objects as a vehicle to express myself, arranged to convey a story. The objects I choose, serve as vessels of memory and symbols for those who have made indelible marks upon my life. I choose colours and composition intuitively with the intent of infusing my paintings with mood and mystery. Throughout, I try to remain open to new ideas as the painting unfolds and adapt, adjust and tweak composition, lighting and even the positions of the painting's elements relative to each other.



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